The Housing Market Just FLIPPED!

The Housing Market Just FLIPPED!

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The Housing Market Just FLIPPED!:
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  1. We are only seeing a break in the Bay Area market for homes that are selling above first home buyer's reach. So we are seeing a increase in homes at $850,000 or more but anything below we are still seeing multiple offers.

  2. Those that are buying without inspections are (some) investors with a large enough budget to deal with maintenance issues. They probably do a preliminary inspection based on their extensive experience to identify obvious issues.

  3. Also when you waive your inspection contingency it doesn't mean you cannot do an inspection, you just can't request money back or request repairs if things come up. Most listings are now providing inspections ahead of time anyway.

  4. 10 years from now it will make sense to rent all these homes out, as our rates will make our payments lower than the average rent price. What one does now, determines your future, invest

  5. In Sweden the interest rate is 1-1.5% right now, we have an insane bubble, even bigger than the US. The only people who can buy are those with parents that give their kids 50k USD as a down payment. My parents didn't give me shit so I'm royally screwed despite being a software engineer!

  6. I don’t see the link to the video that shows inspection and other stuff that you mentioned to be mindful of before buying. Can you plz post it, Thx

  7. Please don't cite cnbs. They quote so much inaccurate information, it's pathetic. They claim Nikola still is an actual legit company. I barely graduated high school and I knew Nikola was a fraud a year ago

  8. Blessed that my landlord let us buy the home we have been renting. 2200 sq ft with a 400 sq ft outbuilding, on a third acre for 169,000 in Florida. Better yet, no realtor fees. I did not want that because realtors do not even do the work as they did in years past, so they are not worth it. It is 107 years old, private, passed all inspections, and only 2.5 percent interest! Closing in 2 weeks with only 10,000 down. Praise God. Be patient and you will find one too! PS, I always load up on TP when we get our employee discount of 25 percent in November. That was perfect timing for us! Besides, I am a true prepper.

  9. I was worried about this for a while. I do home refinance and purchase loans though. The world is growing exponentially but land is not. Houses are getting smaller bedrooms and backyards. Rent is going to go up. The people buying these houses make 30-80k a month. This is nothing. The pandemic caused a split in wealth where they are buying these for fun now. They can afford the payment on 5 houses for a year with one paycheck. It’s not going to drop other countries (like China) and corporations will continue to put money over asking price. I was super scared at first. But it’s not going to stop . Especially places (not California or New York) where the people from
    Ca and née york are fleeing. In Texas 600k house right now (way high in this market) is brand new 4000 square feet, 5 bed 5 bath. Huge backyard. Movie theater room. Office. Teo dinin rooms. These houses won’t go down.

    Value is going to take over.

  10. IMO by 2022 housing will crash 10-20%. It's just too high right now. And if you have extra money….THAT is why you buy a foreclosure. Sit on it for a few years and cash out some BANK.

  11. I can personally confirm, it's already coming down. But we are headed for a CRASH. it's all due to the feds pumping in billions of dollars. Get what folks: free money isn't free one bit !!!!!

  12. The problem of the housing market is VERY simple to fix.
    Simply straight up OUTLAW anybody owning any housing property OTHER then the one they actually live in.

    Having a roof over your head is a basic human living right, NOT a market where the wealthy can literally outbuy and corner the poor into renting that house they bought for prices the poor could not meet.

    Its the defenition of being a useless fucking blood leech.

    Its not passive income.
    Its just that somebody ELSE is active for it.
    You just leech of their efforts.

    And when they have no choice, because prices are run through the roof, i call it criminal behaviour.
    Modern day slavery.

  13. There are those big corporations buy your homes and sell it 2 weeks later for 20% more than what they paid for, just like Zillow. Once the feeding frenzy is over, shit is about to hit the fan very soon. Prices are not gonna keep going up forever. When something is not sustainable, it will end and very abruptly.

  14. house prices wont drop until rates go up and the economy take a giant dump. then i will competing with investors and flippers, i haven't seen any drop hardly ever in shit hole Florida.

  15. Buyer sentiment is low. People have finally realized that it's the worst time to buy a home due to low inventory, high prices, and the stiff competition. On the other side of the coin, it's a great time to sell, which has resulted in landlords selling their rental properties. This is causing a low inventory of available rentals, which is increasing the rent. It's a bad time to get evicted, so pay your rent.

  16. Who is tired of this magic math they use to manipulate all numbers. One day its this, next day its that. Who controls reporting these numbers. Pick a outlet and they will tell you what supports their end results. All magic math. Now you see it Now you don't.

  17. Braced for the housing market crash? Because its going to be worse than 2008. People are crazy over their heads and landlords are about to be unhandcuffed from dumping their Governmenr protected squatting renters, and sell off their units. Deals are on the way!

  18. You're watching the wrong indicators. It's not cheap interest rates. Lockdowns are starting again, that's what was pushing people out and nothing else.

  19. We bought our house in 2009 for 245k… Last year, our house was worth 340K… we wanted to take advantage of that and move out into the country, thinking prices would be less out there..We were wrong. Housing prices were still through the roof, even though you got a little more for it. Houses were going as soon as they hit the market..and people were willing to pay way more than the asking price. We already had a nice 4 bedroom house and nice cheap mortgage. We just wanted a bigger back yard and a 2500 sqft house. I couldn't stomach the idea of paying way more than the asking price, knowing it was over inflated. We gave up and refinanced instead. Now my Mortgage is under 1000.00 a month and my house has gone up to 450K in a year. The house across the street sold for 468k, 3 grand over asking price…. and they get to pay mortgage of 2500 a month while their neighbor is paying less than apartment rent for mortgage.

  20. Buy within your means, have patience and hold fast. We got a cheap home in a good area with a mortgage of $800 a month last summer; only because the owner passed away and the son didn't want to keep it (saved up the stimulus money we got for a down payment, that helped too).

    There was fierce bidding going on the moment it went online, but having a good realty team and a bit of good fortune on your side, it can happen. The home is in good shape overall, a few projects to do over time, but the value has already jumped $20k just on the repairs we did do thus far.

    I say don't try and outbid others; pay what you are willing to pay/what you think the home is worth. Good luck to you first time home buyers!

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