The Reputation of a Probate Real Estate Specialist | with Chad Corbett

The Reputation of a Probate Real Estate Specialist | with Chad Corbett

Chad Corbett, founder of Probate Mastery and top probate coach talks about how probate specialists can build and maintain their reputation.

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I host two FREE Real Estate Zoom calls every week:

Real Estate Flipping / Investing Focused:
Tuesday 3PM Pacific Time
Topic: So Cal Real Estate Investing Meetup
This group is for Landlords, Fix and Flip, Traditional and Non-traditional Real Estate Investing, as well as all Real Estate Service Providers (Agents, Title, Contractors, and more.),

Probate Focused:
Thursday 4PM Pacific Time
Topic: How to Get a Sale NOW in Probate Real Estate

There are lots of programs that promise to help you sell a LOT of homes, but how do you get your 1st sale? As the baby boomer ages, the number of homes being passed on to heirs continues to increase. I’ll share with you 11 different ways that I have generated a listing or buyer sale that do not cost you any money.


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