The Three Most Profitable Real Estate Investments

The Three Most Profitable Real Estate Investments

Here are the three most profitable real estate investments going forward. Enjoy! Add me on insta @ThisisJohnWilliams

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Real Estate Investing has changed forever due to the pandemic. We will see retail and malls get hit really hard due to the new safety precautions and this will force more and more business owners to go online for their customers. If they go online for their customers and no longer need a popular mall store front they will go to warehouses to store their merchandise.

I see margins increasing big time for online stores however the competition for online real estate has never been greater. Therefore I see warehouses and logistic centers being an incredible investment. One important part to add here is that the location of these warehouses and logistic centers is very important; they must be near a dense / urban area so that they have close proximity to their customers.

They also benefit greatly due to the fact that they have a large parcel of land below the warehouse that may be repurposed for development (if zoning allows) and thus resold for a much greater price later down the road.

The next is the classic real estate investment and this investment is single family homes. I see a big demand for single family homes in the suburbs as most homes in the cities are condos, townhomes and apartments. The traditional three bedroom two bathroom house will always do well over time. I do see a big market crash coming soon but I think owning a house will always be better in the long term than renting an apartment.

The best investment is multi family real estate, this could be both residential and commercial multi family real estate. Residential multi family real estate is 2-4 units meaning a duplex, triplex or fourplex. A commercial multi family real estate deal is five apartments or more.

There are pros and cons for each, the pro for a residential multi family real estate deal is the lower down payments and the fixed rate mortgage you can get since they are still considered residential. The disadvantage for going five units and above is the higher down payments required from the mortgage professional who will be financing this property.

That being said I believe all three of these investments will do very well in the long term. As I mentioned I see a market correction coming very soon so now is the time to learn and get prepared for what is to come.

This is not the time to try your hand at flipping houses either unless you have a lot of experience, you have a construction crew and know exactly what you are doing. There is much more risk in the market today than there was just five years ago that being said, if you can not afford a worst case scenario in a deal then do not move forward… If you have little experience in real estate it is very hard for you to understand the level of risk you are assuming. That being said its always best to be overeducated than the other way around.

I believe the time to buy will be in the future and not in the moment (unless of course you find an absolute steal right now then that could make sense) you can find good deals in all markets but in the future I think those good real estate deals will be on almost every corner and when that happens you want to have the cash, the credit and the knowledge to move forward and secure a life changing real estate deal.


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