The TRUTH About Wholesaling Houses Getting Banned…

The TRUTH About Wholesaling Houses Getting Banned…

Is wholesaling houses really under attack? On today’s video I hope to clear up any confusion. Find out the truth about wholesaling houses getting banned and what you should do about it.

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  1. I think I know where those accusations were coming from but I won't name names but the timing is interesting how this unfolds.

    I will say we really need to be on the same team. I didn't know we had a Trade organization already, I'll we definitely look into it.

  2. between this, Biden's tax plan, his monthly subsidy 'stimulus' and keeping jobs in the gutter is making all the right moves towards flattening America's wealth and getting everyone on UBI

  3. I never seen any wholesaler put a homeowner in head lock and say ( GIVE ME YOUR CONTRACT YOU>>> OR I'LL …) I'm glad Jerry and the guys have put this association together. I wish I could be on the board just to stand hand in hand at the negotiation table of Congress or what ever Real Estate National speaking decision board. Cause I said it before as long as wholesalers dont do a community town hall meeting, dont sign a petition or anything, Big brother government will do what ever they want and call you what ever they want.

  4. Amazing content as always. I however have a question. If NAR is so good at fighting for their members and as you put it "an amazing trade group, why not get licensed, join and have them fight for wholesaling (net listing) instead of against it?

    I'm a huge fan of yours also used the profits from my first, and only, wholesale deal to break into real estate. Your YouTube channel and courses have helped tremendously.

    Especially your advice about getting licensed. And the only reason to be afraid is if you aren't being ethical. When did your view on this change and why?

  5. My question is this I am fairly new to real estate wholesale selling I haven't gotten my 1st big contract yet but I'm curious to know should I just get my money now and run

  6. Instead of a non-profit Association, government regulated, entity. How about starting an unincorporated business Trust, allowing the trust indenture agreement to delegate powers to the trustee. Fund the trust with donations for legal representation, This way there is no "BOARD OF DIRECTORS" that the People will have to pay "MANDATORY"dues to, essentially making them an employee. I'm sure no one starts up their own business within a (FREE MARKET)to become an employee or franchisee. Moreover, there is nothing in the world that is "NON-PROFIT" and once you let regulations in your house they will take it over and they will never leave. If this was The Matrix, my friend, you would be an agent.
    over and out!

  7. -Oh hell naw they put my guy Zach Ginn with Flip With Rick (another GREAT channel) in there!

    It’s Power in numbers. We as wholesalers will come together and have this stay. We’ll be more professional about it. Because if we are not professional about it, it will be gone. If we are professional about it and come together as a Powerhouse… we will stay.

  8. I’m with it.

    I f we come together we can still keep assignments in good standing and in good favor. So that people with little money who want to create financial freedom for themselves or their families can get into real estate to create the wealth to live life more abundantly.

  9. Jerry, I know why you're doing this… even though you don't need the money or grief, God has placed this injustice that the NRA is doing and the burden that it is bringing on Wholesalers and yourself. Because of this, I see that you have a Godly divine mission to accomplish! I see that passion that you have when you speak and the "want to" , to set this right. Please stay encouraged and continue to fight the good race. Much love bro.

  10. Yes Jerry. You have been preaching that this day will come. Here it is! This is all about greed. The same regulators want to regulate the real estate overage industry just because they are keeping less and less money for themselves…at the expense of homeowners who have lost it all. But where there's a will, there's a way. You can't let regulators stop you from living your passion.

  11. Jerry it's heavily because of your strategies and techniques that I am even where I am today. Yes – I had to take action, but I ultimately your selflessness to create the largest YouTube channel around Real Estate Education has changed thousands of lives. I will support your cause. It's very honorable as well that you and all of the board of directors are pledging to take $0 compensation for your roles. I saw and actually was on Zach Ginn's side of it wondering if this was capitalism at its finest, but I see the sincerity in your eyes and hear the honesty in your voice.

    I wish there was something more inspirational that comes to mind here. All I can think to say however is,
    "Jerry, I Support You."

  12. I'm totally agree! We need a voice, NAR is the bully and they don't have an abundance mindset. They want to monopolize the industry and we need a voice to stand up to them. Its amazing how many home sellers can't stand agents. Thanks for putting this organization together. I'm going to join. Thanks Jerry!

  13. In SC : Proposed legislation for 2022 would classify the public marketing of an equitable interest for sale as the practice of real estate; therefore, a real estate license would be needed to engage in such transactions. Commonly referred to as “wholesaling,” the marketing of an equitable interest occurs after an individual enters a contract for a property and then attempts to sell that same property to someone else before the original closing. For the average consumer who does not frequently purchase real estate it can be hard to distinguish “wholesaling” operations from licensed real estate brokerage firms. This proposal would provide necessary consumer protections as this practice is currently unregulated. By making “wholesaling” the practice of real estate the Real Estate Commission would be empowered to address complaints raised by the public.

  14. I can't think of anyone better to help lead the industry. Obviously, you have products if people want to buy, BUT you provide more free content than anyone I have seen. The information you give away is more than enough for people to take action and start their own house-flipping career. With so much passion and integrity, you will take the industry to the next level!

  15. Jerry I have a question. So if we’re doing an on market property and say we get it under contract. If I want to perform a double close can I still make my own contract since the property is on market ?

  16. Thank you for everything you do Jerry. Rest assured there are more of us who are with you and have your back than the small minority of skeptical wholesalers, unfortunately no matter how hard we try to be as transparent as possible theirs always some naysayer on the sidelines bringing negativity and doubt into the efforts. Nonetheless there are way more of us who want wholesaling to survive than not. Thanks Jerry!

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