They Can’t Buy It All

They Can’t Buy It All
Buying Real Estate

As the real estate market starts to collapse we are hearing that there are institutional investors that are swooping in and buying entire neighborhoods. Do not be alarmed by this because this is just the beginning of the shenanigans. There will be massive amount of foreclosures there will be massive amounts of short sales and other bank owned properties. #forclosures #RealEstate #ShortSales #IAllegedly #Investing #Webull #JPMorgan #jamiedimon #HavenRealEstate #stocks

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  1. I am not the brightest crayon in the box. I have a challenge for you today.

    The headlines scream that credit card debt is 16.5% than last year.
    Here is the challenge for you, excluding the residents of Great Britain and Australia..

    Look up the average US credit debt in 2019 before the Wuhan flu ($6194), the average US credit card debt of October 2022 (almost $9000) and the inflation total since 2019 in the US (16.57%). If you can not hand multiple, your computer can multiple the 2019 credit card debt times the inflation and give the current value of the 2019 debt in 2022 $. You will be surprised at the result.

    You can have a whole array of reasons why people have credit card debt in 2019 or 2022. Everyone has problems. Everyone's situation is different. However, before you start panicking over headlines, factor in inflation.

    The big deal today is a real estate bubble. I purchased my house many years ago. A person could look at the numbers and say "wow!", you could make a lot of money if you sell it and you even have an exemption under federal law. Ok. The federal tax exemption has never varied. It did not go up with inflation. The dollar today buys substantially less than the $ spent on buying house. But I am taxed as if I made a huge gain.

  2. Curious about all the reports, I drove around to find out the truth. Diesel is readily available at $4.95-$5.04, gasoline $3.29-$3.45, no shortage anywhere. Next stop was Walmart and people were buying everything that was not nailed, TVs sold out. Food items on my list are plentiful but running about 30% higher than last year. Overall, it looks good in FL.

  3. On Thursday, I went to Costco. I bought a large box of 50 hot chocolate mixes on sale for about 13 cents each, including tax. I had been looking in vain for the same box at my institutional food store for months.

    On Sunday morning, I had a cup of the 13 cent hot chocolate. At 11 am, I was to meet a friend at Starbucks for a cup of coffee. The Starbucks had no indoor dining. No tables or chairs. No restrooms because there was no indoor dining. The single occupant cars were lined up blocking the street.

    My cup of hot chocolate cost $4.45. I had not been in a starbucks for years. We consumed the drinks at my home which had a table, chairs, bathroom and talked for a couple of hours.

    If YOU want the prestige of buying the name brand, maybe sitting in a Starbucks that has tables and chairs and pay your $5, that is fine with me. My impression from years earlier in going to a Starbucks was that they were populated with young people playing on laptops.

    I wonder how many people playing with laptops at Starbucks are really getting any work done. I wonder why the young drivers in single occupant cars are lined up to pay $5 for a cup of coffee and they feel oppressed because they have to pay on a student loan.

    You make choices. I buy the non-name cola in the grocery store. It is not good to consume. There are customers who absolutely know that Coca Cola makes the store brand cola, but they insist on buying the can with the name Coca Cola on it. Their choice.

  4. Hi Dan, I have no doubt in what you’re saying about real estate will happen soon. That being the case will interest rates drop so housing becomes affordable. Will banks change the rules for borrowing money?

  5. Speaking of clowns, I met a former cannibal whilst in the Pentecost islands. He informed that during his practicing years as a cannibal he ate anyone he could get his grubby hands on. As time passed he cut back to eating only clowns. From that point he excluded people from his diet completely. I asked him why he stopped eating clowns, he told me they started to taste funny.

  6. Apartment quality goes down?? Understatement.
    No pride of ownership.
    I had it out with another dog owner whose dog was pissing on the sidewalk where we all walk and I called her out on it. A millenial no less and she responded with," I am a tenant here. I pay rent. My dog will piss where it wants to:
    THAT is the attitude of most of the people here where I live.

    I constantly here, "Not my property. They hire people to pick this s*** up."
    And people wonder WHY neighbours don't talk. Oh, and I took pics and guess who didn't care to see them?
    The owner
    The manager.

  7. when the world collapses, these examples (wealthy investors screwing everyone) are what will be used in the law of the new world government. sit back pay everything off, stock food. its going to get rough for a while, something like 3 years

  8. I am a property owner in Tampa, it is pitiable what is happening in the housing market. Ian was ruthless, but I wasn’t affected. I am not doing so well in the stock market but have currently increased the rent on my properties, I have 1M set aside for early retirement, I'm already 47. My major concern is that I ponder a lot how to make the best of the market irrespective of what the fed is doing.

  9. The most important thing that should be on everyone mind currently should be to invest in different sources of income that doesn't depend on the government. Especially with the current economic crisis around the word. This is still a good time to invest in various stocks, Silver, Gold, various stocks,  and digital currencies

  10. Real-estate Agents are GDFing crooks…."""GDFing crooks"",,,"""GDFing crooks""" Looking for vulnerable. PLEASE GET YOUR OWN HOME INSPECTOR OR GET THE REEMING OF YOUR LIFE>>>>NO MATTER HOW YOUNG YOU ARE THEY """""WILL""""RUIN YOUR LIFE AND POP CHAMPAGNE WITH THE MAYOR/BANKER/SELLER/BUYER/INVESTOR/INSPECTOR. then they get elected unopposed for offices….all scam crook immunity jobs…GOOD OL BOY SYSTEM(to put it lightly)

  11. This is an amazing video and i enjoyed every bit of it. And i'm also excited to share my investment experience so far this year. I believe it will help a lot of people here who are confused on how to startup theirs and be productive for the year…,.,.,…

  12. Dan, Good evening. Did you know since Biden has taken control we have now about 5 million Immigrants into our country. Where are they going to stay? Think about it. How is your girlfriend doing? Still praying for her, Hope she is getting better. Ok Stay safe. Thanks.

  13. Folks dont realize how much power has been given to them through Jesus Holy name 🙌 🙏 ✨ ❤ 💓 💛 🙌 🙏 ✨ ❤ 💓 please ♥ pray. Please:)

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