This Is CREEPY + Shiba Inu METAVERSE & Buying REAL ESTATE With Crypto!

This Is CREEPY + Shiba Inu METAVERSE & Buying REAL ESTATE With Crypto!
Buying Real Estate

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  1. The biggest problem with the β€œsoulbound token” idea is simply in its terrible naming/marketing. Just the concept of something, anything being BOUND TO YOUR SOUL is incredibly CREEPY. Why on Earth call it that?

  2. Vitali Buttlickin is an old money puppet, just like Billy Gates. They find a scrawny nerd, publicize him as some kind of miracle genius that magically appeared with the singular desire to do exactly what the federal reserve and CFR have been promoting for years. Tighter track/trace and censor everything for the oligarchy, digital "soul trap" I.D for the forever prison planet, one world tax structure under constant all encompassing surveillance… and a "foundation" with a bottomless pit of fiat, because… genius?

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