This Is Why You Should Buy Real Estate in 2023

This Is Why You Should Buy Real Estate in 2023
Buying Real Estate

This Is Why You Should Buy Real Estate in 2023

History has proven that a recession is one of the best times to invest. In this video, real estate expert Mike Bonn explains why 2023 will be your ticket to creating generational wealth.

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0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Interest rates versus price of homes
1:19 – Impact of interest rates on affordability and payments
3:20 – How future rates will impact home values and cash flow
6:02 – How to 10X your net worth and cash flow
7:02 – Take advantage of today’s market to create generational wealth

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Master the money to make more money in real estate investing. For 22+ years, Mike Bonn has been an investor-focused lender who offers traditional and non-traditional lending options across the United States. Now he wants to share his expertise with you! His goal is to teach real estate investors how to leverage their fix and flips, BRRRR’s, and other value-add deals so they can make the most money possible. Check out our channel for insider information on real estate investing, loan options, credit scores, and more.

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