This Strategy Made Me $300k+ Before I Turned 27 (Real Estate & Entrepreneurship)

This Strategy Made Me $300k+ Before I Turned 27 (Real Estate & Entrepreneurship)

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In today’s video we are going to talk about how this 1 thing, contributed to my success in real estate making me HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars.

This one thing I am talking about is called NETWORKING

First time I learned about networking was when I joined the Kappa Sigma fraternity in college. Honestly speaking when I was a freshman in college, I was just looking to party a lot and have fun and I knew joining a fraternity would be all kinds of fun. But what I soon realized as I got older, that being apart of a fraternity is more than just partying. You become apart of a network of people all around the country. That network can be very beneficial to you.

This is a PEOPLE world. Yes skillsets are very important. But despite having skill, networking with the right people will definitely get you very far in life.

Now moving forward to when I began my real estate career and was super young in the business, I used to go to networking events.

was told by many experienced agents that you should go to these events because you could make new friends in the industry and potentially find new clients!

Thanks to networking, As a real estate agent I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars. But it wasn’t like that at first.

Before, I would only make 2-3 solid connections. I thought how do I maximize meeting the most amount of people at all these events? Then I figured okay instead of going to these events, I’m going to HOST these events.

Long story short I ended up teaming up with my friend Alex and hosted big networking events multiple times a year, with like close to 300 people in attendance.

It’s because of these events we hosted that I was able to find so many clients, sell many homes, and generate lots of income.

I’m still always looking to network and go to these kinds of events. In fact I am looking to step into rooms where I am the DUMBEST person there.

Because when you’re the dumbest person in the room, that means the room to grow and learn is exponentially infinite…if that makes sense.

If you were to walk into a room or go to an event and you’re the dumbest person there, think of what life changing things you can learn, think of the kinds of conversations you’ll hear, the topics being discussed…it’s life changing

Now when you take this approach of networking and apply to SOCIAL MEDIA, there are no limits to your networking abilities.

That’s how I began my real estate investor journey. now as an investor, it still applies. In fact, the only reason why I decided to start flipping homes was because I got really great advice from meeting Alex Camacho, and I wouldn’t have met Alex Camacho, if it wasn’t for my friend Stacey


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