"This Was A Behemoth To Tackle" Tarek & Christina Revamp A Small Suburban Home l Flip Or Flop

"This Was A Behemoth To Tackle" Tarek & Christina Revamp A Small Suburban Home l Flip Or Flop

Tarek and Christina attempt to spice up a small two-bedroom house for a cosy family living as quickly and efficiently as possible and successfully make a profit of $260,000.

From season 10 episode 9.

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  1. The economy will crash soon and the world will move into digital money. Not a good time to be in debt. I don't know when this was filmed, but at this moment I have only standard monthly bills and groceries. No way I would go into debt!

  2. Should have selectively kept more greenery. The new flowers needed time to establish and instead look spindly. Exterior looks fresh and crisp.
    Interior is nice but would have oriented the tile on the FP the other way. The green kitchen tiles before did have a cute funkiness that is hard to replace. The bath redo is super and love that tile. By adding a slope to the back yard they may be contributing to future house flooding. They could have put in a pergola or something to add some needed shade to the backyard.

  3. I would've removed that second garage in the back. It would've looked way better. they would've had a ginormous back yard. but instead they have a giant driveway intruding in back yard for a second garage they dont need. But then again they probably sold it as "ADU permitted" which likely helped justify the price

  4. J’adore la plupart des rénovations que vous communiquer mais j’ai vue à quel que reprise une vue sur la cuisinière du salon selon moi c’est pas une vue agréable

  5. UGH!!! Saying "ADU" like everyone knows what that is. I had to look it up! – – I like it when they buy houses on large lots. The backyard was really large for a 2/1 house. I do not understand that dip in the counter in the kitchen. What was that about?

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