Tip for your next flip or wholesale. 1 minute Real Estate tip.

Tip for your next flip or wholesale.  1 minute Real Estate tip.

Here is today’s pro tip for real estate wholesaling and flipping. Over the past several years I’ve got some quality leads through those who work at the United States Postal Service. I compensate them well and they actually enjoy keeping an eye out for distressed properties on their routes. I’ve made flyers and gave them out to local mailmen in the areas of which I am looking to buy real estate. These are some good boots on the ground. They are the first ones to notice if someone isn’t receiving their mail for extended periods of time. They may notice lots of certified mail. Have them keep an eye out for overgrown grass, broken windows, hanging gutters, and the like that might constitute a seller that needs a cash offer. These sellers actually may need your help and when you can come to the rescue its a job well done. It’s our job to help out sellers when selling their house the traditional way will not work.


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