Title-Golden Gem Found Driving For $ Dollars/ Wholesaling Houses

Title-Golden Gem Found Driving For $ Dollars/ Wholesaling Houses

Title-Golden Gem Found Driving For $ Dollars

If you’re just getting started in real estate wholesaling or flipping houses, here’s a free strategy that you can use called driving for dollars 💵 🏚.

When driving around in your local market you want to look for distressed properties just like the one in this video. Follow the steps below to capture your first deal!!

1. First, write the property address down.

2. Skip trace the home owner using sources like skip genie, need to skip, or skip right, @suarez_capital .

3. Call the home owner to either find out the condition of the property or schedule an appointment to view it.

4. Negotiate the repairs and the market value for your (MAO) maximin allowable offer.

5. Once your offer is accepted, get your purchase agreement signed.

6. Send it to your buyers list and get it sold for a higher price.

-P.S. If you’re in Memphis or North Mississippi, send it to me
And I’ll buy it from you 😊🏚💵.

-Now go out there and crush it!!
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