Tommy Brant | CHANCE ENCOUNTERS Commercial Real Estate Investor interview series

Tommy Brant | CHANCE ENCOUNTERS Commercial Real Estate Investor interview series
Commercial Real Estate

My dream, once, was to speak to some Scottish physicist so that I could hear someone with a thick accent say something really smart.

Tommy is smart, he’s from Alabama, but his accent isn’t thick enough for it qualify for that particular item for that particular bucket list.

But it was nice to be able to talk to someone else who had to do entire courses on numbers that don’t even exist. CHANCE ENCOUNTER is an interview series where my fully digital AI avatar of myself and I meet investors for the first time, and we don’t have any sales pitches, and we’re just two people in a recorded conversation where I have a sound FX board and bleep it out every time I say $^#@ or &*($ and especially for when I say #*$&(#*$(#*.

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Music courtesy Tim Keenan


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