Top 5 House Flipping Mistakes – THOUSANDS LOST

Top 5 House Flipping Mistakes - THOUSANDS LOST

Top 5 mistakes new real estate investors make

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The first mistake new investors make is not making enough offers. Making a lot of offers is half the battle when it comes to real estate investing.

The second real estate investing mistake is speculating. Next mistake investors make is underestimating the renovation costs.

Most new real estate investors make the mistake of analysis by paralysis. Being a real estate investor is a risk!

The last mistake real estate investors make is not pricing a property correctly. There are many issues with overpricing a house and that is something you do not want to do.

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  1. Great video thanks for sharing your experiences! Also I think my biggest mistake is not taking daily consistent action. I tend to over analyze everything.

  2. biggest investment mistake: not looking at the crawlspace of a wholesale deal… TWICE!

    2nd biggest: not having my contracts written in the way the courts require for recording.

  3. Biggest mistake is analysis paralysis. Sometimes I just need to get it going. Pull the trigger already!

    Also, I’m a marketing guy. Try a hair color that POPs more and has more contrast on screen so that it draws the eye.

  4. Great content! These videos actually make me feel better to go out and take the risks. I guess my biggest mistake is not taking any actions since I've been watching a lot of your videos. Imma go get the license first and then join your coaching program. What do you think Ryan? License first or get the program first?

  5. Great advice from the amazing flipper with smurf hair. I need to replay some parts of the video because the blue hair is distracting to concentrate on what is being said.

  6. Really good vid Ryan 👍🏽 learning quite a bit from you. Cant wait to guide my kids into real estate. Working my first reno. Def looking forward to buying your future flipper program 👍🏽

  7. The reason why I love Ryan is because he explains everything in detail keep up the work and the speculation how you explained it is very good learned so much and love the energy I do mess up on speculation bc the Arv

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