TOP INDUSTRY LEADERS In Real Estate: From Beginner To Expert

TOP INDUSTRY LEADERS In Real Estate: From Beginner To Expert

Brad welcomes on Ryan Riddle and JB Bolvadin onto this episode of Dropping Bombs to discuss the truth about conferences and their transitions into becoming the top industry leaders in real estate! They cover both of their origin stories to becoming very successful entrepreneurs and reveal secrets to throwing the best conferences, such as how to make the speakers feel like Rockstars! Tune into this podcast to hear from some of the top industry leaders in real estate!

00:00 Intro
01:35 Tickets for the Entrepreneur conference
05:55 Brad’s story from the last Entrepreneur Conference
8:00 TILRE : The Industry Leaders in Real Estate
12:40 The Mortgage industry now
18:35 How the conference started
20:08 Shout out to Grant Cardone
25:52 “It started with a webinar…”
33:00 Drinking
39:00 Brad’s Confidence Levels
43:22 The Sacred Six
51:15 TILRE Media
52:39 The Entrepreneur Conference August 25th –
58:00 Bomb: “If we expect people to max out their cards, we want them to know that we gave everything.” – JB Bolvadin
01:03:25 Blood work
01:06:52 JB’s Health Journey
01:08:30 Shout out to Anthony Lolli
01:10:32 “Do the sh*t that is hard to do” – Brad Lea
01:13:20 Bomb: “You’re not gonna find the right people in your back yard”

JB is the founder and CEO of TILRE Success Solutions, which specializes in training real estate agents and brokerages. In his company’s first 18 months TILRE Success Solutions become the #1 real estate training company in NY and the tri-state area. Because of its success and the demand from people in other industries TILRE evolved to not just helping real estate agents but now helps all entrepreneurs across many industries. Ryan Riddle is a partner at Cliffco Mortgage Bankers. Originally starting in the hospitality industry, on a roll of the dice he decided to try the mortgage business. Within only four years he has built a seven figure mortgage business that has one the highest individual and team sales production in New York. TILRE Media’s “The Entrepreneur Conference”: Last year was its first ever and the ultimate goal of The Entrepreneurship Conference is to start a movement that will create 1 million millionaires over the next decade!

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