Ultimate Jungle Coaching Guide: How To Climb EVERY Rank! (Each MMR compared!)

Ultimate Jungle Coaching Guide: How To Climb EVERY Rank! (Each MMR compared!)

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How to carry as a jungle in every MMR! We cover all tips in order to carry, win, and CLIMB in Season 12 and beyond for all junglers of every rank in this EARLY GAME JUNGLE COACHING GUIDE!

Thumbnail/Infographic FX: Dawi Twitter : @S04Dawi Instagram : @knightsvow Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRLlRv8XX-TXW2phyblevYw?view_as=subscriber
Additional Footage Collection: Timo

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Intro/Guessing Ranks/Context: 0:00
Example #1: 00:39
Example #2: 10:26
Example #3: 21:59
RESULTS: 27:22

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  1. My guess going into that vid was that there will be some kind of that the Dia one performed the worse. And the morale of the story is something like the most important thing is to work with what you got. Even if you early is shit…

  2. Awesome video, I love your videos because they're super detailed in a step-by-step way and you've really helped me understand more about how good jungling works and I always feel like I learn something new from watching just one of your videos. Amazing content, thank you!

  3. I got the 2nd one wrong, I guessed high bronze/low silver for the 1st game, high silver/low gold for the 2nd game and high gold/low plat for the 3rd game.

    The 2nd game threw me off because at the 3:08 mark when Akali did flash E instead of flash Q for the instant kill, then him not recalling at 4:30 and moving to raptors then recalling and stopping when they see Sejuani top and wait for raptors to spawn instead of immediately going for scuttle into bot lane, and after clearing raptors literally walked backwards into a tiny wall hop for no reason then the 6 minute gank was just awful. Also not stopping krugs when he sees Quinn gank bot. That just seemed like a lot of low gold games I've seen.

  4. Love this guess the rank πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™

  5. Good, all three wrongs. I should have checked things like cpm, item builds, etc.
    Based on the pathing/jungle decisions I was thinking Nocturne > Talon > Viego in term of MMR.

  6. I love to see you still posting jungle content! This is a highly sought after video! Thanks for sharing πŸ’ͺ
    Quick question. Who are you rooting for during MSI and what's your predictions for who will win first place?

  7. Watching the last one just reaffirmed for me how elo boosted viego mains are. I don’t even play the champ and I know he didn’t clear correctly (raptors for example he doesn’t leash them then Q all of them). Pathing was a disaster. Although I am plat as well so like you said I must be doing something else horribly wrong if he can stay in the same rank as me with that pathing

  8. 1. Got right – Although good at aggressive plays and rotation. Clear was slow and wasn't nearly enough punished.
    2. Was mistaken – Thought it was gold, because not enough punishing of enemy jungler, like I see in my current elo.
    3. Got right – Gold, had good mechanics. Didn't miss many skills. Clear needs work, I guess he missed lane fights, because he was focusing on camps and watching himself clearing without gathering info on the map. He reacted to bot lane only because of Sivir pinging assist. Focusing on farm, like a farming jungler. But clearing also was bad. Out of sequence. Can be okay on ganking jungler, but farming jungler it is horrible. As I have seen with Shyvana.

  9. Im a silver jungler and better than all these guys. Only reason im not higher is because i play 10 games a month and my teammates are retarded. I spamm S's and S+ in every single game. Don't matter if it's a win or a loss. This ranking system is completely broken. They should judge you based on your individual stats, not by wins or losses. I don't belong in silver tier if im able to collect 530gold per minute every single game.

  10. Heh, 2/3.

    My guess was 1) medium-low 2) medium-high 3) just-low

    Still surprised how 3) is higher than 1)… those guys did not even have a simply concept of leaving spawn in time and go cover entrances.

  11. The 2nd one was the only one that had me stumped a little was thinking high gold/low plat just due to champ mastery. Then I saw the cs counter then immediately new it was low diamond

  12. 9:19 man it's these little things that truly strips the hearth out of a man… like yeah he's playing bad, probably getting flamed, the game it's a fiesta and sucks, but C'MON! to smite that crab to 15HP! only to get sniped by a feeding Nautilus that's the sort of thing you wouldn't wish to worst enemies.

    It's bad enough to have a feeding day, but when you realize that on top of that fate is also not on your side, that's when the prospect of further existence becomes a burden

  13. Hi Vikaryu,
    I am a great appreciator of your videos and I would gladly enjoy if you could do a video on how to improve from high diamond to master ? I am currently stuck d2-d1 and I can't see a way to reach master, no matter what I do I feel it's not enough, like I'm lacking so pieces of the puzzle. I see a lot of your videos are about escaping low elo and it's great but I didn't find a lot about how to improve for high diamonds.
    Thanks for the content anyway and keep doing the good work.

  14. how the hell did people guess that the 3rd was gold/plat? dude mustve been high as a kite or autofilled. didnt miss many skill shots? literally missed his ult on the ux and didnt even get an assist. dude looked like iron/bronze to me.

  15. So I started playing again after 4 months and I want to improve/climb. Im obviously a jungle main and I started to play last season and my peak was gold 3 after 200 games. Now I need help with my champion pool. I know that I should play easier champions because then I can focus on macro. My first step now is to create a champion pool that I can play, and I struggle with it because I was an Evelynn OTP and I dont know if its a good idea to keep her in my pool. Thats because I dont think that she is an easy champion. My other thought was to play Diana and J4, because I think they are fairly easy and strong. Now I cant decide because I like playing Evelynn but it would probably be easier to climb with Diana and J4. I dont know if my skill with Evelynn can make up for that as I was only gold but felt like I could have done better if I had played more. I dont think Im completely shit with Evelynn either.

    It would be great if you could give me advice. Thank you in advance!

  16. I guess bronze first. Then saw second game and thought, well thats worse than the first, so move first up to silver, second is bronze, third game thought he must be iron.

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