Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Tutorial – UE5 Starter Course 2022

Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Tutorial - UE5 Starter Course 2022

Unreal Engine 5 tutorial for beginners! In this free tutorial we will go over everything you need to know to get started in Unreal Engine 5. Specifically we will focus on Unreal’s new features: nanite and lumen. You will learn how to install Unreal Engine, navigate the 3D viewport, create materials and worlds, sculpt landscapes, paint foliage, program in Unreal using Blueprints, and end with creating a photorealistic world in real time.

Link to The Unreal Masterclass:

Downloadable Assets to Follow the Tutorial:

0:00 – Intro
1:33 – Download and Create a Project
4:26 – User Interface
11:55 – Movement
14:35 – Viewport Settings
17:31 – Moving and Creating Objects
27:11 – Post Process and Camera Exposure
35:47 – Intro to Materials
47:08 – PBR Explained
54:37 – Textures
1:02:31 – Material Parameters and Instances
1:09:01 – Create a Master Material
1:14:43 – Import/Create a Static Mesh
1:23:23 – Move Assets Between Projects
1:26:33 – Lighting with Lumen!
1:32:49 – Types of Lights
1:41:19 – Archviz Lighting Lumen
1:46:36 – Archviz Lighting Baked
1:56:11 – Landscape Tool
2:03:48 – Landscape Material
2:13:32 – Megascan
2:23:19 – Foliage Tool
2:36:25 – Nanite!!!
2:45:40 – Create a Game with Blueprints
3:20:03 – Castle Intro
3:27:00 – Auto Landscape Material
3:37:25 – Large Details
3:46:52- Water
3:57:45 – Cliffs
4:05:25 – Trees
4:34:55 – Modular Castle
4:53:30 – Small Details
4:58:31 – Outro


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  1. Question. I have been using your previous auto landscape material and when I add grass/foliage to the layer info for procedural it seriously tanks my fps even without static lighting or dynamic shadows being cast (lumen and VT shadow maps off too). Is it better to use the foliage tool and paint? Because I don't even have access to setup lods on anything I import in from Quixel which is crazy. BTW grass was low quality as well (1k)

  2. Hey there Sensei, I'm trying to move the Lighting example over but the folders appear empty when added into the first project. I've tried to move them manually one mask at a time, but it gives me a failed to import message on the bottom right. where did I go wrong?

  3. In the Lighting with Lumen lesson I find that when I hit the Build/Build All Levels I end up with a black map. Lights out basically. I can see the outlines of the objects when I click on them in the item panel but the lighting does not seem to work. As best as I can tell I've tried to see that my settings match yours and I follow the instructions but I can't get seem to get this to work. Any help, suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

  4. You are an incredible teacher. I have coding background and design background even some 3d background and so far I have been building apps and interactive web experiences and I have decided to dedicate next few years of my life and try to build a triple AAA like game starting from absolute scratch not knowing anything about Unreal. Lunacy I know 🙂 This intro alone has probably propelled me months ahead I would have lost figuring this stuff on my own. Thank you and I am certainly watching all of your courses on your site too.

  5. Very good guide! Can't believe how you release it for free like this, much appreciated!

    If I become multi billion dollar game developer, I'll give you a cut of it. You have my word.

  6. This is some of the most polished and comprehensive education for a software I've ever watched. The way he does stuff incorrectly and then tells you how to get out of it – subtle but it's a massive reason why this video works so well. Great job.

  7. Great tutorial! Truly makes the program make sense to beginner like me. I have one issue though. At 3:30:14, the material instance shows a sandy texture for all the materials rather than the grass and mountains. I tried redoing it but the issue keeps happening.

  8. Y’know, when I thought, “hey making a game sounds fun.” I never would have imagined I’d be learning color theory, physics, biology… 40 minutes into the video

    Edit: props on the video, he would literally think of the problems before I even knew they existed 👍

  9. ok i saved all the time spent 7 hour following along.
    now i cant find it it takes me to the map with the chairs on and light.
    this is from the project. there is no other projects to load in

  10. This tutorial is PACKED…
    like, EXTRA THICC.
    I highly encourage people to put aside more like 8 hours. You will want to pause if you are like me, and need to actually do things yourself to get the hang of it or confirm what you're learning.

  11. If i do the cinematic, my trees in the background all still using the low LOD and if i turn that off fps is dead, so how did you do that in your cinematic that all elements in high quality?? Thanks a lot for this tutorial

  12. I'm having issues in landscape mode. The settings on the left side aren't appearing when I switch to landscape. I've tried starting a new project, restating UE 5, and going to all the other modes(which also have no setting on the left side). What could I be doing wrong and how can I get rhe settings to appear?

  13. Hi, does your master class teach Character Animation thoroughly? I’m having a hard time learning how to add character animations and interactions specific to my game. I’m talking about controllable animations, not cut scenes. Thanks.

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