Using Wholesalers to flip more properties #realestate #sales #flipping #negotiation

Using Wholesalers to flip more properties #realestate #sales #flipping #negotiation

I hope you guys enjoys enjoy this weeks episode of Sales with Jay and Ron and I hope this information helps you use wholesalers to flip more properties.

About Jay and Ron

Jay and Ron are both acquisition managers for a small real estate company that flips about 20 or more houses a year. Besides flips, Jay and Ron are also responsible for looking for long and short term rentals.

One of the things that motivate them to produce content is the fact that so many people view sales as a job and nothing else. In actuality, sales and communication is a form of art. Like every art, there is a standard discipline everyone who practices is expected to uphold and that is where our tactics come into play. In art, everyone is also encouraged to put their own twist on their creations so we feel that if we can help you gain a solid foundation built around setting the right expectations and understanding effective ways to communicate to someone, the sky is the limit.

We are still learning our selves so be very prepared for us to pivot and change philiosophies if we feel there is a better way of doing something. We are only married to the journey and the results so we encourage everyone who watches us to stay engaged and keep us on our toes. I hope this gives you some insight on who we are and what we are trying to do. With that being said…….
“Jay and Ron out”

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