Wall Street Buys 7,000 Home Portfolio from Zillow

Wall Street Buys 7,000 Home Portfolio from Zillow

Three Large Wall Street Firms Aquire 7,000 Homes from Zillow.. Add me on insta @thisisjohnwilliams

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Real Estate investing and home buying for over a century was done by everyday Americans. They would work hard and buy a home and live there for decades. However now real estate investing is for everyone, not just the middle class, it is done heavily by large corporations such as invitation homes, Zillow, Blackrock and Blackstone. They acquire homes by the thousands and they do so in such an aggressive nature, usually paying all cash for a property. However now Zillow is in trouble and they are liquidating over 7,000 homes to Wall Street. These homes they are selling to Wall Street will be likely never returned to the open market for everyday Americans to buy again.

What do you think about what Zillow is doing? Do you think this makes things harder for the average American home buyer to enter the housing market? Do you think that the sale of all of these homes from Wall Street over the last two years propped up the housing market issuing a false sense of security and a high level of overconfidence, leading Americans to overpay for properties that they may soon regret?

Drop your thoughts on what you think about the housing market, home flipping market, fix and flip market, house hacking and all of the changes that are currently underway in the housing market due to large blocks of capital coming into communities and acquiring entire neighborhoods.


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