Watch This Before You Buy Property In 2022 | City Predictions! Australian Housing Market Update

Watch This Before You Buy Property In 2022 | City Predictions! Australian Housing Market Update
Buying Real Estate

The best areas to buy Real Estate in 2022!

Is it really a good time to invest in Australia property?

If these are you questions, then dive into this video, quick!


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  1. Be careful of this guy… He can’t take any criticism and gets very defensive which shows insecurity and a clear lack of knowledge. Anyway, Good luck everyone with their property journey!

  2. Haha, like how you dropped the line – some BA who followed β€œexit 9-5 strategy”. I know who you are talking about, they run this exit 9-5 program and access Ripehouse advisory reports from the backend to justify the fees they charge🀣

  3. Hi pk your videos are very informative and help people like me to connect the dots in realestate market. Any suggestion for perth suburbs that are good for investment at this point of time?

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