We Flipped This House Over Zoom | Before & After Renovation

We Flipped This House Over Zoom | Before & After Renovation

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  1. Why do they never add a tub? Everytime they fix the bathroom, they always make it a stand up shower. I like taking showers but I love taking baths, especially when your trynna relax

  2. I know double sinks are very popular but since I hate to clean I would look for a home with single sinks. Also I am prone to dizziness and vertigo attacks and the shower is definitely to much for me. The rest of the place is beautiful!

  3. The The late 1990s to early 2000’s they loved their carpet in the bathroom. It was funny because when we would flip older homes they would never have it and then when we moved into our first new home in 1999 it had carpet in the bathroom and we had to rip it out, my husband was like I thought we were done gutting homes. Why they ever thought putting carpet in front of a toilet was ever a good idea I will never understand unless you never have a male in your house EVER.🫣

  4. as someone from denmark i always find it so weird that the entrance opens up to the livingroom, there is no entré, or we call it a bryggers, its where the you would have your washer and dryer, and where you can walk in whilst being dirty

  5. As a flipper myself I loved everything you did but there would be two changes I would’ve made, I would’ve painted that front door a little darker of a color, since you weren’t doing a lot of curb appeal it would’ve gave it that extra wow factor and because it is so in and people are loving it. I also would’ve painted the cabinets on the bottom white/black and then the green on top only because an accent wall most people will see that and if they don’t like the color they know they can paint it but when it comes to cabinets people get a little afraid because they think they have to sand it all down & the whole works so if just the top has the accent color it’s less scary to them if they want to remove that color. Otherwise for goodness sake‘s you even have the same lighting fixtures I do in my own home, well I have the bigger versions of them lol great job, I love it and I personally love the green.
    While I love the idea of a renter and so many people have great success with it, I had such a bad experience that I don’t think I will ever do it again unless the house we choose to rent out is basic as they come. I know so many people refuse to rent to families with dogs but I would love to be able to say I will rent it to people without kids lol I know you can’t do that but man those kids can do some damage.

  6. That bathroom tile was definitely a bold choice. Personally, I'm not a fan. There's nothing else in the house that ties it in, so it sort of sticks out like a sore thumb. Besides that, the house itself is gorgeous. I'm in love with the layout and the ground to ceiling windows. The amount of natural light that comes in is awestrucking! Great work guys ❤️

  7. Such a simple reno with a massive improvement. Just wondering in the kitchen, the top cabinets in the corner was there a hole in the bottom 13:53 of it and not just ply board.? Overall awesome.

  8. I love the house. Looks great. Add a little small table and two chairs in kitchen. And a movable island. Since a real one would cost a lot. But I love it.

  9. True and proud house flippers would power wash/sand blast/stain the fence in the backyard. Makes the value of the home/property look fresher.

  10. Cute house, but do we need to paint all of them white? The brick didn't look bad, and the white paint is going to look dirty in a couple years, requiring constant power washing and repainting.

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