What a Real Estate Acquisitions Analyst Does [The Underwriting Process]

What a Real Estate Acquisitions Analyst Does [The Underwriting Process]
Commercial Real Estate

What a Real Estate Acquisitions Analyst Does [The Underwriting Process] // For people looking to break into CRE, Acquisitions Analyst roles are some of the most sought-after positions in the entire real estate industry.

Acquisitions is arguably the most exciting piece of the commercial real estate business, where you’ll see different properties and markets every single day, and you’ll also have a direct impact on the investment decision-making process.

An Acquisitions Analyst can have a bunch of different roles, but one of their most important responsibilities is acquisitions underwriting, essentially using (or building) a pro forma financial model to value commercial real estate deals.

But unlike residential real estate, the commercial real estate valuation process isn’t just based on comparable sales, and instead, commercial properties are valued primarily based on the income they can generate (which has a lot of moving pieces).

So in this week’s video, in case you’re looking to break into acquisitions, let’s break down exactly what acquisitions underwriting is, what an Acquisitions Analyst will be responsible for when underwriting a deal, and how this underwriting ends up being used to value commercial real estate properties.

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0:00 Introduction
1:24 What A Real Estate Acquisitions Analyst Does
2:21 The In-Place Rent Roll
3:15 The T-12
4:02 The Leases
5:30 The ARGUS File
6:40 The OM
7:40 The REAL Work
9:35 Real Estate Valuation
11:00 The NEXT Step To Land an Acquisitions Analyst Role


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  1. How does one go about landing a job in this type of role? I'm and investor who is interested in working in this role for a company and investing along side the deal.

  2. Hi Justin, I just started working as an Analyst at Brokerage side and could relate to the things you have explained. Your channel really helped me in cracking the interview. Appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work

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