What are the Top New Wholesaler Questions | Millionaire Before 30

What are the Top New Wholesaler Questions | Millionaire Before 30

On today’s Millionaire Before 30 Ryan Zolin and I will be answering the most common questions that new wholesalers ask!


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02:00 – 28:00 Winner from Secret Agent
28:00 – 1:30:00 -Q&A Begins
guys I need help! I got a list from one of my cash buyers of a bunch of off market properties that need to be gutted, all vacant! How should I go about vetting this/what should I know/thoughts?
How can a new wholesaler close 1 deal a month texting?
I’m thinking about getting my license but are some of the disadvantage to having one?
Brent there are so many Gurus/Durus out there, How do you drown out the noise?
Hey guys, I’m growing my buyers list but want to work with more institutions/hedge funds but need help looking for great hedge funds. I get contact but need help with them answering the phone. Thanks
What was your biggest challenge with your first deal and how did you overcome that?
Started Lauren’s program on Monday! What is Taylor’s social so we can connect?
So if I get my real estate license do I have to let them know that I am not the cash buyer and let them know that I am an wholesaler?
Can I do deals in Sacramento,CA?
How is it possible my partner and I closed a 30k deal and we get recognition from it? I
Whats 3 books and podcasts you recommend. besides Your podcasts and bigger pockets. Beside Think and Grow Rich. Tryi
How long is your typical close date for an on market deal?? 30 days or less??
I’ve heard some gurus advise to be prepared to actually close on the property, even if you can’t find a cash buyer. What is your take on this?
Realistically how much money do someone new needs to invest in lead generation?
New to wholesaling. Pulled preforclosure list from batch leads. Skip traced. How do we go about Numbers/people w/ known “DNC” and “known litigators.” I Don’t want to break laws or get sued/fined.
You guys are awesome!!!! Ryan what types of motivations are the best for you?
What makes a killer escrow agent???
How do you deal with dispo when you are virtual?
How do I find deal with no money?
What can you do with property’s in Phoenix that are owned by “Phoenix city” these live shows keep me going and hungry! Thank you 🙏

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  1. 90% of people take coaching don't make one deal during their first year since they started up. It's not really working in every market and it's very hard to find the right marketing fit and coaches don't help you with that(they just tell u the basic known things) . Publish the data how many really do it with coaches so people understand what they are getting into.

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