What do real estate buyers look for when buying a home?

What do real estate buyers look for when buying a home?
Buying Real Estate

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By asking a buyer “what are you looking for in a home?”, we can guide you directly to what matters to you, the buyer, the most.

Like if I’m representing the seller, the first thing I ask somebody when they come in the door is “what’s important to you in a home?”, “what do you need?”, “What do you want?”, and then I’m gonna show them exactly that.

Yesterday I brought one of my buyers to see this beautiful three-bedroom in the upper West side, and I know all my buyers really care about three things.

Big Kitchen, because they cook a lot, they want a big living room and they want outdoor space because they want to cook and they want to entertain. That’s it. They just want those three things.

We walk into the apartment, we’re guiding them around, and the seller’s agent kept wanting to take them back and show them the washer/dryer. I have no idea why this agent, walked out to them while they’re on the terrace and wants to bring them back into the apartment to show them where the laundry is. My clients are never going to do their own laundry. I don’t know when the last they did it was. They don’t care.

So make all of our lives easy and just ask, what’s important to you in a home.


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