What Happened with FTX and how it relates to real estate…

What Happened with FTX and how it relates to real estate...

Join Ken and Danille as they talk about FTX and its collapse. They will walk through FTX and how it relates to real estate. Come join the discussion live at 11AM Arizona Time!

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  1. Real estate, builders are all based on debt. If I am over leveraged I go bankrupt. If it is paid for it can be vacant a year, no big deal. The leverage is the crisis, too many people over leveraged and it worked from 2009 to 2020 as if it would go on forever. 7% mortgages are just normal. Mortgages were 18% in 1981. I was building houses. Most builders were bankrupt. Don't get over leveraged.

  2. Happy Birthday Danille! FTX was filtering money from Ukraine who received the money from the US and then funding the Demorat party primarily. Yes, they made some very minor donations to some Rinos, but that obviously was to make it look even lol, but not even close! It will come out more with where it obviously was being used as to fund as the 2nd largest donor to the Demorat party next to George Soros! Pretty obvious what they were doing (stealing from the American tax payers and funding Demorats). Thank goodness Republicans exposed that and there will be unbelievable investigations that arise now going towards the real evil in this country and world! The best is yet to come of which is all on the good side of the true good Entrepreneurs who drive greatness in this country, not dependence on governments!

  3. Love the show but let’s stop calling people in their late 20’s and 30’s kids. They are only kids when they make huge mistakes. I’m in my early 30’s I’m looked at as an adult

  4. Good stuff. Love the subtle jabs at the scammer named meetkevin…. dude claims $29 million raised from his househack scam and doesn't have ONE single house or property. He needs to be in jail soon enough.

  5. It's impossible to guarantee a return in real estate investing. A pref might have been at 8% in 2018 but no one who invests should be dumb enough to believe a guarantee, immediately red flag. Cheers

  6. In the topic of FTX… It's amazing how this is peanuts of a "crime" compared to all businesses doing banking with essentially no real money in reserves to pay to customers if they did a run of them too. We hardly hear of that scam too in the mainstream. How about the federal reserve is not federal (private) and they have no reserves. How about the dollar being back by dirt rather than gold and "legally" "counterfeited" printed or typed into existence and no one is in jail. We're living in an upside down world and entities that need to be investigated or prosecuted and end up in jail are walking away free. And the small fry peanuts will always take the fall or be the distraction for the bigger heist to take place.

  7. Happy Birthday D ! Great show as always ! I personally like to have 2 years ! I think the biggest mistake and downfall of us real estate investors. Is not having enough dry powder on hand …not doing so can literally destroy everything that you worked so hard for and have built.

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