What is Wholesaling and House Flipping? (For Beginners)

What is Wholesaling and House Flipping?  (For Beginners)

In this video, we interview one of the Real Estate Investment Mentors in United Financial Education, Nathan Cross. Nathan is the Owner and CEO of Boots 2 Properties Real Estate Investing. He explains in great detail what Wholesaling and House Flipping is.

Real estate wholesaling is one way to get into real estate development and investment business with minimal capital. Real estate wholesaling is the process of finding real estate you can buy at a substantial discount, placing the property under contract by signing a purchase agreement with the seller, then selling your interest in the property to another buyer at a discount.

House flipping is when a property investor buys a house intending to fix it and quickly resell it. Typically, they’ll buy the home, make necessary repairs, upgrade the systems, style, and design of the property (thus adding value to it), and sell the house at a profit within a few months.


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