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  1. Home prices are not falling any time soon. People will not foreclose with 20% down payment. How ever people who bought with 5-10% down and have a PMI then PMI will pay for foreclosures.

  2. Hello Kevin , I like your videos and you seem to tell honestly. Question , Located in MN, if I am looking to buy – not residing more than 3 years .. probably rent it out or sell it later , you thing waiting till next is best ?

  3. I am still selling homes and closing fast. Demand is high because we have low inventory. No one is leaving towns or running scared. In fact most people are standing up for their communities and refuse to continue accepting the status quo.

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  6. This virus is real but there are preventative/treatments so that people are getting better. Four different doctors across the country have come out and stated their treatment methods and the fact they haven’t lost patients. I can’t wait for the elections to be over.

  7. Any guess when the banks will allow cash out refinancing so I can pull money out of my Silicon Valley house to purchase a 2nd home when prices drop in Tx. ? Hoping to relocate down the line.

  8. I am looking to buy in central NJ for a place to live, non-investment in the suburbs. I am currently renting and in no rush to buy, Should I stay on the sidelines and continue to rent for now?I have a stable job and strong down payment. What is your opinion on where you see the market in NJ heading, Thanks

  9. I’m living a lifestyle most 9-5 workers wouldn’t dream of ,Forex trade and bitcoin mining has been a potential addition to my income . My trading has been transparent and I relied on the services offered by my expert broker Mr Kevin to achieve the best.

  10. Could you recommend a real estate agent in DC? Thanks! I'm 68, needing a one bedroom condo to get out of rental.I know the building in my West End neighborhood that I want – need some good advice re timing.

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