WHERE TO BUY REAL ESTATE IN SOUTH FLORIDA TODAY – local neighborhoods where inventories are growing

WHERE TO BUY REAL ESTATE IN SOUTH FLORIDA TODAY - local neighborhoods where inventories are growing
Buying Real Estate

The real estate inventories are starting to rise in South Florida. In this video we discuss areas where inventory levels increased the most in the last month. When we see an increase in the real estate inventories, it means that it is the time for buyers to look for great deals, because the sellers compete to sell their properties. When real estate inventories decrease, this is the signal that prices may rise, it is an excellent time to put the property up for sale because you will not be competing with other sellers.

We built algorithms that process large amounts of data daily to find undervalues properties, as well as to detect areas where real estate inventories are increasing. Every week we analyze every single community in South Florida to find for you the best deals.

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Content and timecodes:
00:00 – Introduction
01:10 – Inventory Report – An Illustrative Example
03:29 – Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties
04:53 – West Miami, Sweetwater – zipcode 33172
05:44 – Cooper City, Davie – zipcode 33328
07:20 – East Boca Raton – zipcode 33431
09:00 – Miami Lakes – zipcode 33015
10:03 – Conclusion

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