Whiteboard Teaching Part 1 – 1.) PPP Loans 2.) Crypto 3.) Real Estate JVing 4.) BIB Program!

Whiteboard Teaching Part 1 - 1.) PPP Loans 2.) Crypto 3.) Real Estate JVing 4.) BIB Program!

1. PPP/EIDL/Real Estate Personal Loans – The Do’s & Don’ts (We’ve helped over 50 Small Businesses over the last 12 Months get over $1.5M in Funding to help their companies THRIVE through the Pandemic. I Explain WHY some companies got into trouble with the IRS and with PPP Loans and went to Jail for FRAUD (Short Answer: They didn’t seek the counsel of a CPA, or they didn’t have a real company and submitted false documentation).

2. The FORTUNE you can make in the Crypto Currency Industry over the NEXT 12 months.(We just invested in DogeCoin 2 weeks ago and we’ve DOUBLED our Investment)-I’ll discuss Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and a few others.

3. Real Estate Investment Strategies for 21st Century (Air B&B, Fix & Flip, Multi-Family, Investing in other countries) -The POWER of Joint-Venturing to acquire properties and businesses.

4. Discuss our “Business In A Box” Program – The FULL Process from A to Z-(Importance of Power of Attorney, How we acquire your corporation (Articles & EIN number), Foreign Filing, adding Business Tradelines for Business Credit, Personal Credit, How we prepare your file for funding through the SBA and other Lenders, Establishing a business Bank Account, Hiring a professional CPA to do the taxes for your business)

Here are some of the Topics I spoke about in the video, Related Links below:

1.) PPP Loans are STILL available with SMALLER companies.. Watch this video to find out where to go on the SBA website to find them:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6XOgin4dMY

2.) CryptoCurrency! -Here below are some REAL numbers (Facts) if you had invested in Bitcoin and Dogecoin a year ago:

If you had invested $100 in Dogecoin back in April 2020 (When Elon 1st tweeted) it would be worth $28k today!


$1,000 Investment in Bitcoin back in 2010 would be worth $287M today:


$1,000 Investment in Bitcoin back in 2020 would be worth $8,000 today:


Tweet by Elon Musk that caused Dogecoin, Bitcoin and others to Tank:


He tweets again and Cryto jumps instantly!.. Be patient because it ALWAYS turns around.. Play the GAME the right way!


3.) BUSINESS IN A BOX PROGRAM OPEN TO 5 NEW CLIENTS ONLY! – If you guys watched the ENTIRE video then you’ll notice at the END I spoke about our “Business In A Box”… If you are interested in getting MORE information on this program, PLEASE reach out to my Director of Sales (Wes Nathaniel).

His contact information is below along with our website…

Wes Nathaniel (Director of Sales for JW Acquisitions & Development’s Business In A Box Program)
Phone: (678) 824-2326
Email: Wes@jwacquisitionsAndDevelopment.com
Website: https://BusinessInABoxProgram.com/


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