Wholesale Deal $45,000 Assignment Fee! #shorts

Wholesale Deal $45,000 Assignment Fee! #shorts

Wholesale Deal start to finish in which we assigned this property for a $45,000 Assignment Fee! #shorts

#WholesaleRealEstate #CrushCity #WholesaleDeal

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Wholesaling real estate is the process of finding and controlling deeply discounted real estate then flipping it to a cash buyer. In this training video Joshua Gayman talks about the nature of a wholesale deal, the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker, how wholesaling works, and more!

Joshua Gayman has been Wholesaling Real Estate since 2009 and has had an Arizona Real Estate License since then as well! In 2019, Josh upgraded to a Real Estate Broker, but still focuses primarily on wholesaling houses and buildings his personal real estate investment portfolio for Cash Flow!

Josh has learned and studied from some other great real estate investors such as Robert Kiyosaki, Ken McElroy, Sean Terry, Kent Clothier, Grant Cardone, Cody Sperber, and more!

Follow other wholesale influencers: Max Maxwell, Scott Oots, Lili Thompson, James Hawk, Raul Bolufe, Brent Daniels TTP
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Disclaimer: Joshua Gayman is only a licensed Broker of Real Estate in Arizona and not in any other state. He is not a Lawyer or Accountant and recommends that you seek Legal Council and CPA counsel for all matters pertaining to each subject. He is also not an insurance agent and recommends you seek competent licensed insurance advice.

This video is intended for educational purposes only.


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