Wholesaling Action Plan to have a 6 Figure Year | Brent Daniels LIVE

Wholesaling Action Plan to have a 6 Figure Year | Brent Daniels LIVE

You’ll learn how to reverse engineer what it’s going to take to reach your 2022 wholesaling goals (no matter how BIG or small they are)!

Video Breakdown:
00:00 – 10:59 Finding Happiness
11:00 – 22:00 12 Month Plan
23:00 – 2:00:00 Q&A begins
Do I need to find a Cash Buyer before connecting to a real estate agent to Wholesale?
How do we catch up arrears on a Pre-Foreclosure? Are there hard money lenders that can fund things like that, or do i need to use private people at meet up
I was recently laid off from my day job and I decided to jump into wholesaling full time. Is this a good move or should l look to get another day job?
How many times should you call a list before pulling a new one of the same criteria
Can we still use Zillow and other 3rd parties to comp now that they don’t have access to mls sold data? I don’t have propstream because I’m just starting/ learning.
​Hey Brent! Just got done cold calling on Batch Dialer! TAKING ACTION BABY!!! My question is how many times should you contact a number that you haven’t connected with yet, Redial, Voicemails, Texts?
​If a newbie, what is the most important thing I need to start my wholesaling business, in terms of capital and tools?
should I call a list all 3xs or text and rvm as well?
Can you offer 66% in high value area such as San Diego. Over 500K?
What is the best way to ensure a General Contractor can deliver – the best ones don’t advertise and have an inner-circle of loyal contacts to funnel properties to renovate at speed.
Any recommendations on where to get lists and skip
What about in case of real estate agents ? do you comp the properry and call agents or just call agents to get the information first?
​How would you reinvest your profits back into the business? And how would paying taxes work on
​how come you guys don’t talk about DD FEE, ONLY EMD? IN ARIZONA YOU GUYS DON’T PAY FOR THAT OVER THERE? I’M in NC
In a state where earnest money is super high like NY around 10 percent minimum and no inspection get out of contract clause what do you recommend we can do to lock it up on contract?
when should you doorknock?
How do I use batch dialer and how does it work. if I put 1000 addresses in how do I maintain all that being one person?
​What is the good deliverability rate when sending text messages?
​Can you talk about agents bringing you deals?
Can you push values in Salt Lake City as well?
Are boarded up properties good?
Brent what do you recommend for scaling up this year , I just closed my first giant deal for 40k
Is there an easy way to find out if your phone # is in the SMS spam jail without texting friends on all the networks? Do you change your phone #’s or just add in case someone responds to an old one?
​Which deed is best to acquire when wholesaling a foreclosure property in California?
Do you think driving for dollars is effective on Google Maps? I don’t have a car
I’m still working on getting my first deal ( I been cold calling for a year and no luck)
Brent As far as my buy formula as a wholesaler in a hot market like Colorado or yours would it be ARV x 80% – repairs – wholesale fee = buy price? , any instance where I wouldn’t minus repairs
With high equity, can that be used to pay off the loan on a property? How can the “walk away money” for seller be factored in?
When it comes to wholesaling a foreclosure property is it the same process?
What’s the best way to recover when you’ve mentioned a number that you realize is too low to a buyer for your wholesale deal?
​Do you leave voice mails after not reaching a caller with Batch Dialer or just on to next call?
​How do you check how much inventory levels in my market?
Can you breakdown a 12 month plan on how to work with real estate agents or does the same math apply? How many offers should I be making daily?
​How do you find buyers for a property that may be a tear down?
How do you know when youre being too persistent with a hot lead?
​I’m in Orlando FL, is it best to virtual wholesale? Considering the saturation?
I been using batchdialer for 2 months, every number they give me( batchdialer give me 4 numbers for far) come up scam likely on the seller end. How do you handle that issue?
​Hi Brent, what does it mean when it says “living trust” under owner’s name? (using Propstream)
​How do you comp land/lots?
Hey Brent, are homes that have fire damage good to go after?
I’m averaging 16,000 calls per month myself. Do you think that I can do an average of 2 deals per month on that many calls? I know that’s a tough question. lol
​How do I find out if a phone number is on the Do Not Call list?
​Brent – to follow up on fire damaged – How can you find the fire damaged homes in your area to skip trace/contact?
What about tax liens states vs tax deed states. Which would you prefer as your niche?

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