Why I Bought a Commercial Property [And Why YOU Should Too!]

Why I Bought a Commercial Property [And Why YOU Should Too!]
Commercial Real Estate

A few weeks ago I bought a 2nd commercial property, and in today’s video we cover the details of the deal, the reason that I bought it, then we look at a real live commercial real estate deal together.

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Commercial real estate investing is intimidating at first, buy buying a commercial property is not as bad or scary as you would think. It is very similar to buying a residential property, and in today’s video we break down the process of buying a commercial property in a really easy to digest way. If you are looking for passive income, this video is for you. If you are looking to learn about how to buy a commercial property, this video is for you. Or if you are just fascinated with the idea of investing in commercial real estate you should also enjoy this one.

I hope that you help this video to help helpful and if you have additional questions please leave them in the comments below! I look forward to sharing more with you guys about my real estate journey. I have flipped houses, done spec building, been into wholesaling, commercial real estate, and have a pretty well rounded finance background as well. I attribute where I am today to many years of studying on places like biggerpockets, reading books, listening to podcasts, having mentors, and just good old fashioned hard work. This channel is meant to share some of those life experiences with you guys in hopes to educate and inspire.

See you next video!


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