Why I Gave Up Equity In My Real Estate Company

Why I Gave Up Equity In My Real Estate Company

Are you ready to give away equity in your company? Not sure when the right time is? Let me help!

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  1. My wife likes to say "If you pay peanuts, you'll hire monkeys". Being in childcare, she's very proud to be a Certified Lving Wage employer, one of the very few in most industries. Totally agree with your point, Jason. Coming from restaurants, I would have run through a wall for the few managers/ owners I knew had my back and valued me as a person not just an employee. I've always thought that happy employees (let alone business partners) are productive ones. I am surprised more managers don't grasp this simple concept. If you treat people like gold they'll stay with you forever. If you treat them like shit, gee wonder why you have high turnover, poor morale, and a toxic workplace.

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