Why It Took Us 3 Years To Join eXp Realty

Why It Took Us 3 Years To Join eXp Realty

Like many Realtors, we were skeptical about eXp Realty when we first heard about it. It’s got to be a pyramid scheme, I’m not interested in recruiting agents, I like having an office, the model isn’t sustainable, it sounds too good to be true… These were all thoughts we initially had. The problem was, we never really took the time to understand what the eXp model really is and how it works. Along with that, it’s very important to be brought on board by a Team that wants to help you thrive. Once we were introduced to The Collaborative Movement, that all changed. In this video, we walk you through all of our concerns with eXp and why we finally joined the brokerage in July of 2021. Plus we dive into what The Collaborative Movement is and how we can help you DOUBLE your business in the next 12 months just like they did for us.

0:00 What We Didn’t Like About eXp
8:10 The Need For Passive Income
9:30 What All Changed For Us
24:41 Connect With Us To Learn More

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You will get ALL of this for FREE
🆓 Google Ads coaching or discounted management
🆓 Sim’s Coaching Systems 3+ coaching calls every week
🆓 YouTube, social media & online lead generation coaching
🆓 Access to an online lead generation program
🆓 Access to online lead conversion program
🆓 1-Page business plan created with you by SIMS Coaching team
🆓 90-day Sims Coaching new agent training program
🆓 Your Assistants trained & hired with SIMS assistant team
🆓 Your Inside Sales Agents trained & hired with SIMS powerhouse ISA team
🆓 Access to our private Facebook mastermind Group
🆓 Access to 1-1 when you need us for support
🆓 Access to kvCORE, 40+ weekly training calls, stock, revenue share and more…
👉 Learn more at https://ericb.io/exp

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The Vancouver Life Real Estate Group are licensed Real Estate Agents at eXp Realty Vancouver / eXp Realty Canada:
🏆 Top 3% Agents 2019, 2020, 2021
🏆 Medallion Club Members 2019, 2020, 2021
🏆 Over $175,000,000 in sales


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