Why My 3-Tiered Investment Strategy Is The Perfect Trifecta For Gains

Why My 3-Tiered Investment Strategy Is The Perfect Trifecta For Gains

What’s up Fruitful Investors in this video Im going to be talking about why I believe my 3-tiered investment strategy is the absolute best trifecta for ultimate gains.

As you probably know I started my investing business in real estate where I at one point bought and held over 40 properties with partners but I decided eventually that I would like to venture off into a different direction.

Now although I sold the majority of my rental properties I still have 60% of my net worth in real estate through private lending. Private lending is a very secure way of growing your money anywhere from 12-17% a year by lending your money to other professional flippers like myself and taking a percentage monthly until their project is done. This is a great way to get consistent monthly cash flow without having to worry about all the stresses that come with owning rental properties.

My second investment choice is a mid risk strategy which is trading stock options. Now although options can be risky, strategies like the one I use on slow and boring etfs like SPY and QQQ cut that risk down immensely. Yes there is always risk with stock options but if you play your cards right, 97% of the time you can come out profitable.

The third investment strategy Im in is buying Cryptocurrency. This is my high risk strategy that is extremely volatile but if you are investing in the right currencies, over time you can collect gains higher than real estate and stock options combined.

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Cool video – Ever think of investing in some Bitcoin miners Matt ? There are companies that remotely host them for a small fee and they generally ROI within a year, after that it’s straight profit. I actually switched to them last year instead of getting another rental , and the returns have been pretty impressive and predictable.

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