Why You Should NOT Join eXp Realty in 2021 (120 Day HONEST Review)

Why You Should NOT Join eXp Realty in 2021 (120 Day HONEST Review)

Here are my 3 Reasons why you should NOT Join eXP realty in 2021 and give you my 120 Day Honest Review. I explain the eXp Realty properly and what you should expect joining.

Watch my Interview with a eXp agent who sold 135 Homes in his first year

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DISCLAIMER: No results can be guarantee’d and real estate takes hard work and commitment to see results, especially if you are new. If you don’t know Jason, he sold 135 homes in his first year in real estate, and now does over 450 translations each year. If you want to be mentored by him and I, an online marketing expert/agency owner and real estate icon, then reach out to me directly and we can set up a time for a confidential discussion. You can reach me on social media, email me at eric.preston@exprealty.com or TEXT me at +1 604-227-1761

We are actively seeking motivated individuals who are looking to put their running shoes on and build a sustainable, committed real estate practice over the long term. If you want to get to 7 figures, build a team and exit production we can get you there. If you want to just double your production and work less hours, we can get you there. We can do this all through the eXp Realty model, and if you actually take an unbiased look at it and see through the fog, we have never had ONE single person stare down the opportunity and say it doesn’t make more sense than most models out there. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth entertaining the option if you’re looking to level up. We’re not the type to hard sell you on an idea, but are always open to having the conversation.

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