Will 2022 Be a Better Year to Buy Real Estate?

Will 2022 Be a Better Year to Buy Real Estate?
Buying Real Estate

🗣️ Real estate market predictions 2022 🗣️ In this video, you’ll hear my thoughts on the current housing market and where I see things headed. It’s no secret that 2021 has been a seller’s market, with exceptional competition for buyers. The problem? Supply and demand. So will 2022 be a buyer’s or seller’s market? After looking at some Redfin housing data and talking with clients, I don’t see the buyer’s market getting any easier. With a combination of low inventory mixed with a growing demographic of first-time home buyers, it’s not surprising that houses are being sold within 2 weeks. My advice – don’t wait to buy a home, the market isn’t getting any easier. Is the same thing happening in your market? Let me know in the comments below.

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Introduction (00:00)
Is the market going to get easier for homebuyers? (0:19)
Review the Data (3:39)
My Thoughts (6:20)


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  1. In my area any time a house goes on the market if it doesnt have problems even though they are over priced they go with in a week and a half to two weeks it's crazy I dont have much faith in this housing market slowing down any time soon

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