Zillow is predicting another 13.6% INCREASE in HOME PRICES?

Zillow is predicting another 13.6% INCREASE in HOME PRICES?

Is Zillow Predicting a housing crash 2022? Does ZILLOW see something that the rest of the Housing Market doesn’t see? Did they stop buying homes because they believe a Housing Crash is Coming? Should you buy a house now or wait? What does Zillow believe for the Housing Market Forecast 2022?

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  1. For doomers, just find a under $350k Single Family home and tell me the numbers of views and saves. Then compare it to an above $700k listing. Housing crash my as, it is softening on the higher end but insane and obscene demands persist for starter homes.

    Edit: October I sold a 1k sqft home (2beds, 1.5baths) to zillow at a high price (or so I thought), Zillow just listed 6 days ago at starter price range, at Zillow Offer speed and low morale it still went under contract after 4 days with 13,000 views and 400s saves. Insane. But the opposite happened to another Starter home i sold them but this one was approaching mid-level home price so it has alot of competition and is not generating alot of interest in term of views and saves.

  2. Their high up doesn’t really listen to the data and keep continuing buying way too many properties. Their loss is about 80k per home in the past couple of months🤣🤣🤣 I don’t think the labor is the main issue but it is definitely one of the reasons. Our area the house price has been decreased for the past 3 months. But some other area the market is getting worse. Such as Bellevue WA… I have friends who is a realtor he said his client needs to bid 400k more… My guess is Zillow brought too many properties in the market doesn’t really that demanding and they paid way too much.

  3. Zillow was operating with a bad business model. It was not sustainable. Zillow could not flip the houses due to labor shortages.

    It may indicate a crash, it may not. There are always contingencies or conditions we cannot forecast.

  4. Does this mean that the average housing price across the US in a few years is gonna be over 1 million dollars similar to the housing market in San Francisco and San Jose since in your words there is going to be no housing market crash?

  5. I don't think Zillow itself is going to change the market but the market conditions that is causing Zillow to sell out may. Rates are rising and most likely not enough to impact valuations. But there is an edge case that macro economics and continued dedollarization could change the tides if the Fed can't absorb all the assets/treasuries. Ukraine loses to Russia, the world will need less dollars. If Russia wins and provides natural gas to Europe then there's less need for dollars as it'll be paid for in Euros. Europe, the energy consumer, is preparing to lockdown again. These aren't coincidences. So let's see.

  6. The only thing Zillow's actions are crashing is their stock price. They have trimmed their labor force along with the stoppage of buying for whatever their reasons. 7k homes is hardly a blip to the millions of homes and shouldn't trigger a crash.
    Carry on Jeb!

  7. People don’t understand the concept of supply and demand. What I have noticed is many people are just repeating talking points with no merit. The market just doesn’t crash for no reason. There is no secret data. Supply is super low right now how do people assume that quickly we would have a reverse to where there is high supply.

  8. If prices are going to continue to rise, why do I see Zillow selling homes for $60-100k loss? Wouldn't it make sense for them to sit on it and sell when their staff can handle the capacity? It doesn't seem likely that a company their size cannot scale the growth, even in a labor shortage. They are smart people and can get resources if they needed them. And if they are so short of labor, why lay off 25%??

  9. Zillow's I buying program never made them money. Management decided to get out of the business so they could cut their losses. Corporations cut losses in several ways, dump the inventory as quickly as possible and eliminate the employees that supported that inventory. If they sell all their inventory to one customer, that is much cheaper than having to go through 7000 transactions. That is a big cost savings. Many of their homes are being listed for less than what they paid for them because Zillow needs them off the books as quickly as possible. Zillow knows this will affect their stock prices in the short term but in the long run it will improve their bottom line. Adding 7000 homes to the market will have little to no effect on inventory levels or home pricing. Home prices will not crash but there will be an adjustment to prices. How big of adjustment is determined by multiple factors; interest rates, inflation, supply and income levels to name a few.

  10. All the “crashers” can’t explain where the inventory will come from. Unlike 2008, there are much less NINJA loans, new home construction is slow, and investment moguls aren’t flipping houses but keeping them to rent. And lastly, almost no one talks about this, but the population has increased tremendously since 2008 which puts even more pressure on inventory. Great stuff as always, cheers!

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  12. Had zillo unloaded all 7 thousand homes by the time they said they saw a 13% increase in price for next year? Any of the 7k by the time they made that statement? If you had bought too much of something that was increasing in value and wanted to unload it, would you say anything other than we see the price continuing to rise while trying to sell it?

  13. Yeah…. I'm one of those that was gonna sell to Zillow….. they offered me 21k to terminate my contract …. it made me think… if they are losing all this money…. why did they offer me additional 20k?…. either or, they could've just terminated my contract and just give me 1k earnest. . . Wtf is going on??????

  14. To infinity and beyond ——- Buzz lightyear. I really want to see that. I would like to see prices to go up 3 times more from here because the crash is gonna be nuclear.

  15. I finally gave in and bought a house. After looking for close to two years I came to the realization that the powers that be won’t allow another crash. I looked at new houses but the builders were telling me it might be a year before the houses were built due to labor shortages. The only thing that will make the housing market crash is a dramatic increase in housing inventory. I don’t see a rush of foreclosures, and new houses are taking a year to build

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