Zillow’s Flipping is a Flop!

Zillow’s Flipping is a Flop!

A few weeks ago US based Real Estate company Zillow, announced they are getting out of the house buying and flipping business because of massive losses. This goes to show how difficult it is to predict where markets and prices will go in the short term. In Vancouver, our high friction costs on buying and selling makes it even more difficult. Yes there are some full time experience pros still out there, that in the right market can buy a home do a renovation and make a bit of money. But for most people I suggest you avoid the temptation of flipping.

Thanks to all the viewers and commenters on all my videos. As a busy Realtor I may not have the time to reply to all comments here. Some of your questions can be answered by going through my many videos posted here on my channel. But I will do my best to respond when I can. Appreciate everyone who is watching and commenting!

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  1. Hey Owen – thank you for all the great content you deliver. Took your advice and I just bought my first rental condo unit in downtown Toronto! Quick question – do you / have you refinance your condos to pull equity out and buy other investment properties? Or do you recommend buy additional properties with cash you have saved up and leave the first unit alone. I understand this could be situational – but curious to hear your thoughts!

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